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30° North latitude another magical work of nature, stunning the world but low-key few people go!
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Some say north latitude30° is a magical latitude

It runs through four ancient civilizations

The Bermuda Triangle, the Egyptian pyramids,

Where the legendary Great Western State sank, and the Mariana Trench


Now, on this line

Another celestial secret has been excavated by the world

It was adopted by the United StatesCNNVoted "The Most beautiful Wonderland in China"

Selected by China National Geographic"The Most beautiful Place in China"

At the same time, it is also a world cultural Heritage tourism destination that is included in the World Heritage List

This is the little-known Enshi, Hubei Province



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There is a breathtaking Grand canyon

名为"Enshi Grand Canyon"

它是"One of the most beautiful wounds on the face of the Earth.



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The virgin forest in the canyon, the Qianzhang waterfall, the cloud sea on the top of the mountain

Also known as"Karst Landform Natural Museum"

It's on par with the Grand Canyon in the United States



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Hefeng Pingshan canyon

It's deep in the canyonLittle Semporna

The turquoise water is breathtakingly clear

Boating on water, as if floating in the air



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The earth returns without seeing the valley

thrilling9DGlass suspension bridge

A wild luxury hotel perched on a cliff

Make this a place for new Internet celebrities to punch in



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The most famous"Sky Road"

Steep terrain

Like a ribbon running through the valley

As if in a fairyland



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CCTV recommended"Water Secret"

A boardwalk floating on water

It floats in rhythm with the flow of the river

No boat

You can also swim on this wonderful winding river

As cozy as a clam



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Muer Mountain tea Garden

Have been selected"Thirty Most Beautiful Tea Gardens in China"

A sea of clouds surges after a fresh rain

Dream and fantasy



From Hornet's Nest users@Tujialing's sister


Enshi Toast City was built on the mountain

Gatehouse, stilt house, wind and rain bridge

The original style of Tujia houses is restored

It interprets the history, civilization and splendid culture of Tujia people



Photo courtesy of scenic spot official