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Hubei Tourism Investment Suizhou Starway travel Service Co., LTD
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Hubei Tourism Investment Suizhou Starway Travel Service Co., Ltd. was establishedIn May 2020, it is affiliated to Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD., mainly responsible for the tourist transfer business in Dahongshan Scenic spot, and is a transportation enterprise with the qualification of the county's route tourism passenger transport。

The vehicle starts from the gate scenic area, passes through the core scenic spots of Dahongshan Scenic area Lingguan Ya, Nanfengya (Jinding), Gingko Square, Xiaoquan Cave, Liangwang Cave, White Dragon Pond, Lingguan Ya, and then returns to the Gate scenic area40 km, in order to ensure the safety of tourists and sightseeing experience, the vehicle speed limit in the scenic area is limited, and the ride time (excluding the stay time of scenic spots) is nearly two hours。